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MCSA in 90 days… & lot of resources

Another free resource for learning and gaining your knowledge that might be possible to earn MCSA Certifications with few efforts. Here is the link: 90 Days to MCSA – where you have 6 videos, 3 per Windows 2012 and 3 others for SQL Server 2012 MCSA Certification prep. There are also some additional resources like Discussion Forums and Resource Wikis. In the right corner, you have another resource, Certification Challenge where you can find more and more info about Certs path!

A good news for the Exams, is that you can win a voucher to save 20 % + Second Shot for free (just in case if you failed!!!), check here, a great offer from Microsoft Virtual Academy – another great resource for the courses about the SQL Server.

Knowledge is the Power – Learning is the key!

Learn & Enjoy!


SQL Server MVP for the 2nd time in row!

I’m honored to be recognized as SQL Server MVP for the 2nd time in row and thank you Microsoft to honored me again! Thank you also to our great SQL Community and SQL Family!



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Honored with MVP award!


I’m so honored to be recognized as an MVP for SQL Server by Microsoft!
Thank you Microsoft and the SQL Server Community.

My journey was started more than 4/5 years ago and the first person that I have discussed lot and lot about my activities for my local community for the SQL Server was the Editor of the SQL Server Central – Steve Jones (Tweetiutiu) so, thank you Steve, encouraging me to start activities with my blog and other stuff that is related to the SQL Server!

Now, this award that really makes me happy and so honored to be part of the elite (MVP) technical people that I’m proud to be part of it, makes me to do more  for my local community and also for the SQL Family in global community!

Once again I would like to say Congratulations to the new MVPs and all renewed MVPs as well!

All the best and Stay Tuned!

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MS Certs Exam price is rising …

Today Marlon Ribunal twittes come with new info about MS Certifications exams are rising…


This is not a good news, so if someone wants to catch the cheap price of the MS exams just do it during the next month. There is a nice possibility via Prometric – Microsoft to save up to 20 % of the selecte exam pack, for more info you can check here.

You can read more info about Price Exams at the Microsoft Learning >>>

In every country you can find different prices so you can check it via online tool.

Stay Tuned!

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Tech events in Kosova 2011

Hello everybody, some tech events are announced to be held in Kosova soon …

Soon other details will be posted and updated.

Stay Tuned!

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Leading the Albanian PASS Chapter

Yesterday, I have received the official email from the PASS HQ, and the confirmation that now I’m the leader of the Albanian SQL Server Users Group or Albanian PASS Chapter!

The Albania PASS Chapter will be available and open for all SQL Server users including the Albania and Kosova, where we will have possibility to meet with each-other and to exchange any idea and building the social & professional network within Albanian tech community members!

Our official website is here >>>

You can reach us, also via LinkedIN profile – where you can be a member of our new professional group.

A brief history:

The idea of the PASS Chapter started from PASS HQ members Greg Low and Blythe Morrow together with friend of mine Betim, so on the other side I was started to discuss for the another Chapter because I didn’t know that Betim was involved before, then we decided to be as one and being active with the Chapter acitivities. When I started to be more active in the Tech Community, I have seen that we need to be part of that community, then I started to check for the SQL Server community and I found the PASS as large organization. During the search, I saw that many states has it’s own PASS Chapter and are involved in the community with the large number of the users, including SQL Users, .Net Users, etc. So, I decide to have such activities also in Kosova and Albanian, so we (Dukagjini & Betimi) are the founders of the Albanina PASS Chapter.

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SQL Server 2011 – Code Name “Denali” & BOL

Many information via Twitter, LinkedIN, forums, blogs, including also here in SSC, have announced about new incmoing version of the SQL Server with code name “Denali” , that is now available for download the CTP version here.

So I’m going to put the Books Online for SQL Server Denali, that is now available to read for many new features and some new design!

We will see what’s new next and sure that we will share new features for the SQL Server 2011 Code Name “Denali”

Have a nice SQLing

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24 HOPASS Bonus Sessions …

Just for info that the incoming 24 Hours of PASS now has bonus sessions …you can check for the details and register >>>

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What a coincidence ….

Two of the biggest events in the Technology World will be held at the same date!

PASS SUMMIT 2010 (8-11, November 2010 – Seattle WA, USA)


TechEd Europe (8-12, November 2010 – Berlin, Germany).


We know that in both conferences will have very nice sessions and very valuable, also the presenters are the masters of the IT Technology in many areas (Networking, Database, Programing, BI, System etc), attendees will be also. For the sessions info and submissions you can check in both websites above. I don’t know if it is planed or it is a coincidence, on the other side I don’t know if somebody have plan to attend in both conferences, I think it would be impossible and finally you should choose just one of them if you have planed to attend.

Here I will ask you in which conference you are prefering to attend!?

~~~ Stay Tuned!

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MS TechUpdate Prishtina in Kosova (June 9, 2010)


On June 9, 2010 is held the annual event that in Prishtina is recognized as Microsoft TechUpdate. Presenters in this event were from Macedonia and Croatia and some local presenters. I wasn’t there all the day, but I had little free time to meet with guest presenters, Tomislav Bronzin (Microsoft Regional Director & MVP) from Croatia – more info (LinkedIN, Blog & Twitter), Dimitar Grozdanov (Technology Strategist, Microsoft Macedonia | LinkedIN) & my friend Betim Drenica (LinkedIN) who is CTO of AppDec.


From Left to Right (MVP Tomislav Bronzin – Betim Drenica – Dukagjin Maloku & Dimitar Grozdanov).

It was a nice event, from 9:00 to 16:00 and the agenda was (non-SQL maybe next time):

  • Business ready security – Dimitar Grozdanov (Technology Strategist, Microsoft Macedonia)
  • Introducing Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0 – Betim Drenica (CTO @ APPDEC)
  • Windows 7 Taskbar, New User Interface for your Application – Tomislav Bronzin (MVP & Microsoft Regional Director)
  • SharePoint 2010 Development Platform Overview – Ljupco Nikolov (Manager of software development, NEXTSENSE)
  • Transition to Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Bujar Lushta (System Engineer, ASSECO-SEE)

I hope that in the next events we will have at least one SQL session and much more about new technology!


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