Albanian SQL Server Users Group–First Meeting

Today, I’m so excited to announce that we had the first meeting of our Users Group – Albanian SQL Server Users Group and I’m very happy that we made the possibilities to organize this great event with our great sponsors that support us and everything was so attractive for the attendees.

We presented our program as Albanian SQL Server Users Group to the attendees where we have discussed lot about our mission, our activities, how the others can involve in the Users Group activities, how we can collaborate with others in the community, our partnership with others etc. Also in our today’s agenda were some presentations including New Features in SQL Server 2012 RC0 – presenting from Betim Drenica (Blog > | @betimdrenica), and from other colleges Rexhep Kqiku (@rkqiku) & Adem Gashi (@dudemqe) that have presented about new features in Visual Studio 2011.

In this day, we have promoted also two new registered Users Group that are live now and soon they will organize their first meetings, they are Albanian .Net Users Group and Kosova Microsoft Infrastructure Group. According to this now we have three active Users Groups and I hope that our community will be so active and informed with new products and new features in existing products of the Microsoft’s technology.

It was a huge interest from the attendees to have this kind of the meetings being part of the Users Group and involving their self with lot of the contribution in Users Group activities in the future, what I appreciate a lot their readiness and as the leader of the Albanian SQL Server Users Group it gives me encouragement and willpower to be more and more active and engaged with our great and enthusiastic community.

Stay Tuned …

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