New road to the SQL Server 2012 Certifications

MS has announced the new road for the SQL Server Certifications. All of the interested folks knows that the old way was with MCTS (DBA, DB Dev & BI) and MCITP (DBA, DB Dev & BI) series.

Now, the new way is to earn the MCSA pack that is in combination of 3 exams:

Exam 461 – Querying MS SQL Server 2012
Exam 462 – Admin a MS SQL Server 2012
Exam 463 – Implementing DataWarehouses with SQL Server 2012

Also the upgrade road is available, so everything you need in details are here.

After MCSA Certification series for the SQL Server 2012 that is in the same level like MCTS and where these certifications validates a set of core SQL Server 2012 skills that are relevant across multiple solution areas, the next level will be MCSE for the SQL Server 2012 that are more specific type:

Data Platform – for building and administering data solutions including Cloud.
BI – Business Intelligence solutions and reports.

Data Platform = MCSA + Exams (464 & 465)
BI = MCSA + Exams (466 & 467)

Upgrades are available also for both MCSE Certifications on SQL Server 2012 …for more info >>> Data Platform & BI  

Stay Tuned and wish you success with new certifications! 

2 thoughts on “New road to the SQL Server 2012 Certifications

  1. marlonr

    I think the new MCSA is not comparable to MCTS because of MCSA’s broad coverage. If we could compare the new certification to the previous ones, MCSA must be in between MCTS & MCITP.

    1. Dukagjin Maloku Post author

      Hi Marlon,
      Thanks for your comment where I can agree with you partially, I have mentioned that MCSA is the pack of three exams as I described above, where is the information for the learning stuff that covers DBA, DBD and BI, so the MCSA seems to be like 1 MCTS for DBA, 1 MCTS for DBD & 1 MCTS for BI, even though the MCTS for DBD is going to be retired on July 31, 2013 but MCTS for DBA & BI are included in MCSA. According to this I think that MCSA pack is like group of the MCTS series of the previous Certs.


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