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SQL Server 2016 Certifications MCSA Update

Microsoft just announced the release of the 3 new MCSA Certifications about the SQL Server 2016, which will cover professional work with on-premises and cloud based databases.

Database Development  – with exams:

70-761 > Querying Data with T-SQL
70-762 > Developing SQL Databases

Database Administration – with exams:

70-764 – Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
70-765 – Provisioning SQL Databases

Business Intelligence Development – with exams:

70-767 – Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse
70-768 – Developing SQL Data Models

So, the exams 70 – 762 / 765 / 768 are scheduled to be released on September 2016.

For more details, click here

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PASS Summit 2016 – call for Speakers…


PASS Summit 2016 is the biggest, largest, highest rated summit in the World for the Microsoft SQL Server & BI professionals, with lot of the tech sessions covering a lot for the Database Development, Database Administration, BI, Cloud, Professional Developement, Training, Tips’n’Tricks and much more.

It is going to be held on 25-28 Oct, 2016 in Seattle – US and here it is the offical website:

Call for speakers is now open and you can find more details how to apply and submit your abstracts in the link-location below:

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SCU EU 2016

Hello folks, this post is to inform you about the SCU EU 2016 Conference which is going to be held on 24-26 August, 2016 in Berlin (Germany).


Conference Venue will be in Berlin Congress Center – Alexanderstrasse 11 10178 Berlin-Germany.

This conference will cover lot of the System Center, Virtualization on Hyper-V and other Microsoft products and technologies that could be very attractive and interesting for your incoming Projects and Data Centers. It’s 3 days Conference wiht more than 60 breakout sessions, with lot of the top-notch professional speakers and much more where you check the official website:

If you plan to attend, you can catch the EARLY Bird for the Full Conference PASS till April 30, 2016.

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Enable Hyper-V in the Virtualized Windows Server 2016

Hyper-V and Hyper-V management tools are not enabled by default when you install the Windows Server 2016. Just in case if you have same problem with Window Server 2012 you can check this blog post for the details how to enable it!

However, we will dicsuss here how to enable Hyper-V and Hyper-V Management Tools in Virtualized Windows Server 2016, for example in most cases if you have Azure account where you can run Windows Server 2016 just in few seconds and for sure this is just a VM inside the Azure platform and here are some steps how to enable Hyper-V in that VM:

For sure the Hyper-V is part of the Windows Server Roles, so when you go to add the Hyper-V role:


Adding Hyper-V Role in your Windows Server 2016 VM.


After you click the next button you will have pop-up msg with Error like this:


Now you need to use our friend PowerShell, starting with a session as Administrator and type this command:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V -All


Will start something to install and will looks like this:


After the finish of the install process you will be asked to restart your VM, so just do it.

Again go to add Roles & Features for your VM after restart and you will see that you have enabled the Hyper-V role in your Windows Server 2016.


Now go to the Server Features with Next button and in the section:

Remote Server Administration Tools >  Role Administration Tools > Hyper-V Management Tools  – click to install them.



After the successful installation , you will be able to see the Hyper-V Manager in your start menu like:


Happy virtualization with Hyper-V and Windows Server 2016 with lot of the new features including Hyper-V Management improvements, Nested virtualization, Shielded VMs, Windows Containers, Linux Secure Boot & more

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MCSA in 90 days… & lot of resources

Another free resource for learning and gaining your knowledge that might be possible to earn MCSA Certifications with few efforts. Here is the link: 90 Days to MCSA – where you have 6 videos, 3 per Windows 2012 and 3 others for SQL Server 2012 MCSA Certification prep. There are also some additional resources like Discussion Forums and Resource Wikis. In the right corner, you have another resource, Certification Challenge where you can find more and more info about Certs path!

A good news for the Exams, is that you can win a voucher to save 20 % + Second Shot for free (just in case if you failed!!!), check here, a great offer from Microsoft Virtual Academy – another great resource for the courses about the SQL Server.

Knowledge is the Power – Learning is the key!

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SQL Saturday Kosovo #225


I’m so exciting to announce that the SQL Saturday Kosovo is going to be held on May 18, 2013 and it’s our firs time SQL Saturday where I will speak also. However I’ve started the challenge journey to organize things properly. The most important thing here for our local community is that the list of the speakers will be all the MVPs for SQL Server.

More information will be in our official website at SQL Saturday #225 Kosovo.